Elementary College Fairs

Title About Fairs

After introducing the idea of college and what it takes to get there, we take it a step further by encouraging students to research colleges and careers in Virginia that will help students reach their goals! We firmly believe that it is never too early to start talking about college. In fact, we champion the idea of expanding horizons through research and conversation. That is why we initiated the Elementary Student-Led College Fair Project where students, teachers, and counselors dedicate time each month to research and learn more about higher education in Virginia.

In addition to exploring colleges, we have incorporated a trades and military section of our College Fair so that students understand the variety of options available to them upon graduation. At the end of the year, students act as representatives from the various institutions they have been learning about and teach others in an open forum setting, just as it would be at a traditional college fair.

Key Definitions

College = Any Classes After High School
Also Known As Post-Secondary Education


  • To encourage students to dream about their futures

  • To research colleges and careers in Virginia – which will help students reach their goals

College Fair Timeline

This program is a year-long project where students work approximately 30-40 minutes per month on a task.  The project is a balance of research and presentation based activities, culminating with a showcase as the student-led college fair.  

College fair materials are created by Beacon of Hope and given to the teachers or school counselors to complete with their students during the school day.