Dani serves as the Development Director for Lynchburg Beacon of Hope.

Prior to joining Beacon of Hope, Dani spent more than 20 years working in both development and programming with various nonprofits throughout Virginia and Washington, DC. Having graduated from both the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh and Johns Hopkins University, she has a background in education and economics. An active and passionate volunteer working with our community’s underserved and most vulnerable populations, Dani enjoys developing relationships with those whose voices are often unheard and helping them to create a path forward. Dani’s favorite thing about working with nonprofit organizations is witnessing the endless generosity of donors and volunteers investing their time and resources and the impact those investments can have on the community.

Dani is excited to be a part of the Beacon of Hope team and further develop the culture of philanthropy within the Lynchburg community to ensure that all Lynchburg youth are prepared for life after high-school graduation and beyond.