Our purpose is to instill in ALL Lynchburg City Public School students the aspiration to attain post-secondary education AND to provide the tools and resources to do so. 

  • Ensure that all children who graduate from Lynchburg City Schools are prepared for the next step in life including 4-year college, 2-year college, trade school, technical degrees, industry certifications, or military options
  • Change the culture in the Lynchburg community to a PreK-16 school division
  • Create a stream of qualified, educationally-prepared talent for the greater Lynchburg workforce
  • Improve the quality of life in our community by investing in our most precious resource – our children – who are our future
  • Compile and disseminate data on current and continuing post-secondary education trends for Lynchburg’s youth
  • Provide college and career opportunities for those who would not be able to otherwise

Components of Lynchburg Beacon of Hope

Future Centers Located in LCS High Schools to provide support for ALL LCS students and families in navigating financial aid and higher education
Affordability Last-dollar Beacon of Hope Scholarships to level the playing field for students to pursue and complete post-secondary education
Attainability Elementary and Middle Schools programs to plant the seeds of college and career goals for younger students
Accessibility Mentors, advisers, and staff to diligently encourage students in leveraging all available resources toward what's next after graduation
Relationships Building partners within our community to provide funding and internship opportunities to retain our local intellectual capital